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Filter out everything by which platform it is offered on

I waste most of my time on Genesys' various online offerings such as knowledgebase, App Foundry, Community, etc because we are on Pure Engage Cloud.  Most of everything returned when I am searching for information is premise only and not denoted as such.  Example: App Foundry search for PCI compliance returns great Pure Engage partner offerings such as PCI Pal & Semaphone.  Problem is, they are not offered for Cloud.

When I search for knowledgebase articles for agent workspace or even WWE specific, almost everything that returns is Premise and nothing for Cloud.  This was best demonstrated by one of our management seeing a statistics offering, asking our TAM if it was available for Cloud, and the answer was yes.  However, it isn't but that's not made clear in the documentation and even the TAM was fooled by it.

Assign someone from your Cloud offerings to tag specifically Cloud relevant content, and filter everything else out, unless the user overrides the filter.

Currently the lack of filtering exacerbates the reality that Cloud offerings do not match premise capabilities.

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  • Oct 23 2018
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  • Clay Tison commented
    26 Apr, 2019 08:43pm

    Hi everyone,

    AppFoundry has yet to filter by PureEngage Cloud specifically, but we do now offer a PureEngage Cloud dashboard on the Genesys Knowledge Network. Take a look.

    And, for any of you that have yet to join the PureEngage Cloud community, I'd suggest that too.

    Thank you,


  • Sam Kedala commented
    27 Dec, 2018 05:05pm

    I completely agree.  Navigation is very difficult and almost every thing is geared to premise users.

  • Rick Stansfield commented
    23 Oct, 2018 04:12pm

    This is a great idea...