How might we improve the Genesys Knowledge Network?

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Make GKN not just a knowledge channel but a portal for customers account related information.

Let's give Customer what they wanted to see and not just what we wanted them to know.  (Things may be inappropriate for other products due to their size, i'm speaking in behalf of the PureCloud side)


Things like:

  • Their current usage for their purecloud subs.
  • Their historical invoices.
  • Their open/active cases (with pop-up window that will give them ability to update or send them to their cases.
  • Their current utilization.
  • Names such as their AE,PM,TAM, and CSM.
  • Banner pop-ups for important notifs (triggered by their CSM through Gainsight CTA's)
  • Chat with an integration from gainsight CTA's to push chat initiate when logged in.


With this privileges such as full access(owner see all info), IT access(for cases) , Finance (for the invoices)... etc.

And with the integration of ALTOCloud reports can be specified so that CSM's would have an idea what they really need.

  • Paolo Galan
  • Oct 23 2018
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